Welcome to THE SPACE IN BETWEEN, a series of talks, events and happenings will unfold across Brixton celebrating our Creative Enterprise Zone.




Responding to the last 19 months, we will be exploring the times in which we find ourselves. As we slowly surface from shared slumber, into the realisation that this is the decade when EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, it is up to us to similarly see that EVERYONE CAN CHANGE.

The late David Graeber said “The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make, and could just as easily make differently.”

We stand on the margin of making differently, to move from this reality to the next, we must step into The Space In Between.

This is an opportunity to embrace the pluriversal; immerse ourselves in the stories that rarely get explored, to see the world through the eyes of others. We have an opportunity to tend and nurture the soil in which we expect to grow new seeds for a community with creativity and care at its heart.

We will sit with difference, make ourselves uncomfortable; we will talk, but most importantly, we will listen.

Our programme comes together under these five key strands: Creative Futures, Culture, Ecology, Economy and Place.

Lambeth has a vision for a future where everyone can benefit from a rich, dynamic and diverse cultural environment that is also shaped by them.


How do we empower our young people with creativity as their main tool for equity and resilience?


Join us as we explore sustainable practices through workshops that challenge mass production.

If we were to re-imagining Brixton – what could the future look


Through out the Space In Between we will be exploring ideas around Decolonising Brixton, the interconnectedness of our inequalities, radically redesigning our town-scape, alternative circular economies, the future of our communities, and so much more.


Join us on a journey of exploration.

If we are to take the occurrence of the pandemic as nature’s call to wake us up, then we are now awake.Awake to the depth and interconnectedness of our inequalities, and awake to our immense vulnerability.


How does creativity help us repair our innate relationship with nature?


Join us as we explore sustainable practices through workshops that challenge mass production.

The Space in Between week will begin as Lambeth Open takes place, where artists and makers open their homes and studios to visitors.


Between 4 and 10 October Craft Week will be taking over the city. Makers markets, including @blackculturemarket will showcase local talent in Brixton.


We will also host the relaunch of the Brixton Pound, with talks and screenings which hope to enhance our understanding of the blockchain and the launch of the new Brixton Pound design.


The economy of making is often forgotten, or shied away from, how can we make money as creatives? And what price can we place on our passions? By understanding the economics of making, we may begin to readdress preexisting structures and envisage a new way of living.

The Creative Enterprise Zone leads with a mission to use innovative approaches in order to safeguard, support and build resilience in the creative community whilst providing the space and conditions for growth.


In 2020, we became confined to our local landscapes, viewing them differently, exploring them more. During this time our community has been ignited by the momentum of the development plans for central Brixton that challenge, reimagine and potentially change the place we call home.


Throughout the week join discussion about how as a community we can build a vision of Brixton that is led by community, discuss the plans on the table and how we may shape them.This series of talks takes Brixton: the pavements, streets and buildings, as it’s inspiration.

We invite you to join us on a deep and empathetic dive into the nooks and crannies of our community to the fundamentals of our permaculture.


October, 2021

If you would like to have a simple list of all the events this week, please download our poster pdf for easy reference.

We all want to make it.
Make it in our chosen career. Maybe make it big.

Sometimes perhaps just make it to pay day.
But whatever our ambition, what unites us all is the desire to thrive, be recognised – and be supported.
And that’s what Lambeth’s Creative Enterprise Zone is all about. Supporting creative people to do amazing creative things without having to leave our amazingly creative corner of south London.
Because we all want to make it – of course – but more than that, we want to Make It in Brixton.