A place to meet, a place to plan; a place to try and change the world

Welcome to Make It in Brixton.

We hope that, with your help, what you are reading now will over the months and years to come be seen as a turning point for Brixton’s creative community.

Let’s be frank – a career in the creative industries has never been the most secure pursuit; post 2020 it possibly feels terrifyingly precarious.

But amidst all the talk of building back better and the creation of a new normal, one thing is certain – creativity in all its forms,  Might just be our gateway to the new world order. 

And that’s pretty much what Make It in Brixton is all about.

Make It in Brixton is a space for anyone and everyone interested in creativity, working in the creative industries or working with or for creative people. A place to discover and enjoy local talent, to access help and advice; most importantly, it’s a chance to meet other people, to make connections, to start building some resilience within our community. How that pans out is absolutely down to all of us.
As you explore the site, you’ll hopefully see that even in its early (alpha testing) state it has ambition. As a vital part of  the local creative enterprise zone ecosystem, Make It in Brixton will be co-created by all of us.

So if you look at what’s here, and think “this needs more”, we want to hear from you. If you look at what’s here and think “I  want to see more young people/old people etc”, we want to hear from you. If you like what you see, and think “I want to be part of building creative resilience in Brixton”, we want to hear from you. You get the picture. Write. Call. Post.

So as a salve for an already confusing 2021  Make It in Brixton  is – a place to make the most of  – the place to make things happen.

Our cunning plan is for it to build into a living, breathing, genuinely accessible and democratic space at the epicentre of Brixton. In time, a virtual mirror of a thriving lived reality where we put food on the table and a roof over our heads by doing not just what we love, but what we’re really really really good at.

We hope it can act as a stake in the ground, a vital flag behind which we can all rally. A harbinger of (yes) a new normal where creativity is at the heart, not at the margins of a kinder, more resilient and joyous community. Where success is measured not in spreadsheets, but by smiles.

And if that sounds wildly optimistic, impractical and quite frankly daft, you know the drill: we want to hear from you.