Brixton X Harlem Supper Cloth

Designed by Brixton-based organisation Stitch School, the community of Brixton is invited to make their mark on the cloth to celebrate the twinning between Brixton BID and Harlem’s 125th BID this August.

Stitch School will be facilitating The Brixton X Harlem Supper Cloth throughout the Brixton X Harlem festival (3 – 7 August). They invite the community to gather around the large 3-meter embroidery table to leave their mark on the cloth. Providing a space for people to sit down, slow down and feed their creativity through stitching and co-creating a communal Supper Cloth in the wonderful environments of Brixton House Theatre and Morley’s Haberdashery.

Participants will be able to explore the wealth of embroidery stitches, learn together and create a communal supper cloth to celebrate the art of needlework. Half of the cloth will remain in Brixton while the other half is gifted to the Harlem community as a symbol of the twinning.


Wednesday 3 August: 12pm – 7pm (Brixton House Theatre)

Thursday 4 August: 12pm – 7pm (Brixton House Theatre)

Friday 5 August: 12pm – 5pm (Brixton House Theatre)

Saturday 6 August: 12pm – 5pm (Brixton House Theatre)

Sunday 7 August: 12pm – 7pm (Brixton House Theatre)

This is a free drop in activity.

Brixton BID presents the Brixton X Harlem Festival in celebration of their twinning with Harlem’s 125th Street BID, New York. See the full programme of events on

We all want to make it.
Make it in our chosen career. Maybe make it big.

Sometimes perhaps just make it to pay day.
But whatever our ambition, what unites us all is the desire to thrive, be recognised – and be supported.
And that’s what Lambeth’s Creative Enterprise Zone is all about. Supporting creative people to do amazing creative things without having to leave our amazingly creative corner of south London.
Because we all want to make it – of course – but more than that, we want to Make It in Brixton.