Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro

Creativity in Covid19: Farouk Agoro

An architect and artist based in Brixton, Farouk Agoro explores the continuous abstraction of colour to reflect the experience of the physical body in space and communicate emotions.

How has COVID-19 affected the space in which you work and create? (Do you normally work at home, studio space or outside?)

It’s mainly impacted my outlook on things in general, particularly my work life balance and, being more appreciative of the things that fuel me creatively.

I usually worked between home and a shared studio space but during this period I have been home bound. This has meant more reading, and where allowed, some internal perspective on how and where I want to align my work and practise – meaning; enjoying a slower process of painting and reflecting on projects I want to engage with in architecture. Also thinking more about the fusion of the two practices.

How has creating amidst a worldwide pandemic adapted your practice through the themes and methods you use?

Creating has been up and down, but allowing myself to just be, has been crucial. My paintings are very emotive – the markings, the composition, the colours, etc. The marks are somewhat conversations with everything that flows through me – life, love, politics, etc.

Its been more about my process, more reflective and less reactive. [Although reacting still plays a big huge part in allowing me to expel energy].

Have you faced creative block during lockdown, if so how have you worked through it?

Yes and I have learnt to just appreciate other things like listening to music, walking, cycling, chatting to friends, reading, etc.

If any, how have you used existing creative skills in a completely new way?

No. For me, periods of doing nothing have been beneficial. Accepting that has been tough but I think it’s important to switch off and just be. See what new things for yourself can be birthed out of this period.

During this period of lockdown, have there been any new creative skills or exercises you have started practicing?

Not really – been trying to write which has been slow. [Find myself thinking more about what I want to write rather than writing it].

What things have brought you joy and hope that you’d like to share?

Black lives Matter and engaging conversations about institutional racism and dismantling existing institutions.

Farouk Agoro

Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro
Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro
Artwork - Farouk Agoro
Artwork - Farouk Agoro
Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro
Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro
Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro
Artwork in studio - Farouk Agoro

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