Creativity in Covid19: Katy Binks

Katy Binks is a multi-disciplinary silkscreen and mural artist who responds to colour and the architectural forms in the urban environment with a bright, experimental approach.

How has COVID-19 affected the space in which you work and create? (Do you normally work at home, studio space or outside?)

I would usually be at the studio screen printing – the lockdown meant I was going to be at home a lot more where I don’t have access to the equipment or space I need to create prints.

How has creating amidst a worldwide pandemic adapted your practice through the themes and methods you use?

In a way, having so much time on my hands has been a great opportunity to get on with a couple projects that have been brewing for a while but I’ve just never had the chance to prioritise. Getting outside to photograph works in central London just before the lockdown was something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time now, as was painting the walls at home to test out some mural ideas. Recently the large murals I’ve done have been client led, its been a while since I’ve painted something for myself so it was a perfect opportunity to test out a few new ideas and develop things I’d learnt from recent jobs.

Have you faced creative block during lockdown, if so how have you worked through it?

Not really creative block. At the beginning of lockdown it was almost the opposite, I was excited that I could try some new things. I’ve definitely slowed down but I think that’s a natural response, something which a lot of people have been doing. I often worry about just making the same work over and over again, so it’s always useful to take a step back and to not make work, which means I come back with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

During this period of lockdown, have there been any new creative skills or exercises you have started practicing?

Nothing really new, its more been an opportunity to get on with things that I don’t have time to do, admin, updating my website, I launched an online shop where you can find a series of one off screenprints for sale. The boring bits I usually put of in favour of actually making work.

What things have brought you joy and hope that you’d like to share?

The one thing that’s really helped me get through the challenges of the past few months is exercise. Prior to lockdown I trained with Fuse Fitness, a small Brixton based business run by Darren Fox (@darren_fusefitness), his online classes have been a lifeline during this time. Since the easing of lockdown we’ve been working out in Brockwell Park too, it’s great being outside working out with familiar faces – I cannot recommend his sessions enough, the man practically has a whole gym in a van!

Katy Binks
Multi-Disciplinary Silkscreen Artist

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