London Urban Textiles Commons Fundraiser

Little Black Pants Club have teamed up with Cordwainers Dye to create The London Urban Textiles Commons. Their first project is to create a hyperlocal supply chain, botanically dyed, micro plastic free lingerie…

Launched on 1 November 2021 the crowdfunder is raising money to develop a range of highly desirable lingerie that is non-toxic, microplastic free, and sourced as locally as possible. The fund will be open until 29 December and alongside donations you can selected rewards including:

Make your own Bundle Dye Knickers

Learn how to create a beautiful pair of Environmentally Regenerative and (dare we say it) sexy knickers. Micro-plastic, non-toxic underwear is definitely the future and we want you to feel the joy of making it yourself. Kit contains UK grown Dye Stuffs Muslin wrap Organic silk, cotton lace, organic cotton mesh and natural rubber elastics. Cotton Thread Pattern and Instructions You will need; Sharp scissors, sewing machine, pan, tongs.

Grow Your Own Dye

Grow your own dyes with this handy packet of seeds and instructions. Did you know that Woad is the european indigo producing plant and gives wonderful soft blues as well as pinks and lilacs from its leaves. You can also harvest the seeds when it has finished flower for use in bundle dyeing. The plant that keeps on giving! This small gift makes an excellent stocking filler or token for a friend and supports soil to soil garments.

Dye and Sew your own Hair Tie kit

A perfect little project that’s very achievable and rewarding. Make an elegant botanically dyed silk hair tie with a little bit of imagination and hand sewing. Kit includes- Botanical Dye Materials Organic Silk Muslin Wrap Bobbin of cotton thread Needles Micro-plastic free natural elastic Pattern and i Instructions You will need; sharp scissors (nail scissors are fine), a pan and a stove.

And many more.

Alice Holloway (LBPC) and Debbie Mitchener are both Textile practitioners that have worked commercially for many years.

“Of course we know our shit about sustainable initiatives and environmental concerns – but we think this crisis goes deeper than that. We really believe that the fashion industry has lost it’s soul.”

“Fashion has been chasing the big profits and the glamourous after parties so long, that it forgot what fantastic clothing is really about. Its about making people feel amazing, and how can we do that while nothing fits properly, the skilled workers that make the clothes are exploited, and the environment is being destroyed.”

Their vision is to put in connections that bind us together, as stewards of this incredible planet, as communities of makers and wearers, as skilled engineers and plant scientists, back at the heart of the fashion process.

“This isn’t just about making the next hot trend, this is about a journey of rediscovery. How can fashion be part of a healthy, nurturing, part of life? And we want you to come with us.”

Find out more on the London Urban Textiles Commons fundraiser here.