Off The Fence Artists: Kes Young & Lorna Jean-Charles

This year’s Brockwell Live festival season celebrates 50 years of the Lambeth Country Show with a spectacular collaboration between artists and local community. The perimeter fence of the month-long festival site will be transformed into a large-scale installation honouring Lambeth’s history of radical celebration. 

In collaboration with Brockwell Live, The Brixton Project has commissioned five artists, through a widespread open call, to design artwork for the fence based on community ideas and memories of celebration. 

Selected artists misha B, Lorna Jean-Charles, Akmaral Khassen, William Lindley, Habiba Nabisubi and Kes Young, were invited to run creative workshops with local residents of all ages as part of the Brixton Project’s innovative Community Research Exchange. The workshops set out to gather the disparate voices of Lambeth’s local residents to share personal and collective narratives through dynamic, creative means.
Informed by the stories and visual representations gathered in these community workshops, the artists’ designs make up an immersive installation of joyous expression, that captures the vibrant spirit of Lambeth’s local community.

We caught up with the artists to learn more about them, their process and the Off The Fence project.

What inspired you to get involved with the Off The Fence project?

Lorna: “I was interested in taking part as the brockwell park is somewhere I have visited often, I also performed twice n the country show as singer/songwriter so it appealed to me being also a resident of Lambeth it was a way to give back to the community. Brockwell park has given me joy, therapy and improved my life. My long walks while recovering from illness, the heart felt conversations with friends and strangers, the park is dear to me and I suppose its also a way of saying thank  to the park.”

Kes:I saw this project as a great opportunity and I’m normally very shy and without confidence to apply. I don’t normally like to talk about my work, but it was a great opportunity to apply and to work with Lorna Jean-Charles who gave me the confidence.”


How did working at the CRX inform your process? Were there any unexpected or interesting outcomes of working in the community?

Lorna:I really enjoy community coming together so the process also drew me in talking and receiving the local community and stakeholders visions, passion and experience inorder to create a good representation the challenge was alluring especially having to do it in collaboration.
It was a journey that enriched, educated and give alot of insight to the community.

Kes:In the community session the attendees brought out lots of negatives and positives about the Country show and in the conversations that were had. The fence was definitely one of these as shown in our final work.”

Kes Young

Kes Young has always loved art and started her business Heart in art

workshops, to share all forms of creative workshops with everyone. 

Her most loved medium is mosaics.

Lorna Jean-Charles

Lorna Jean-Charles has lived and worked in Lambeth for over 25 years, she is not only an artist she is also a musician. Lorna has performed in the past in the Brockwell Park Country Show.

She recently worked with the British Library to plan and organise 6 workshops to produce 6 Mosaic plaques which is currently on display at the British Library Beyond The Baseline exhibition.