Off The Fence Artists: m i S h a

This year’s Brockwell Live festival season celebrates 50 years of the Lambeth Country Show with a spectacular collaboration between artists and local community. The perimeter fence of the month-long festival site will be transformed into a large-scale installation honouring Lambeth’s history of radical celebration. 

In collaboration with Brockwell Live, The Brixton Project has commissioned five artists, through a widespread open call, to design artwork for the fence based on community ideas and memories of celebration. 

Selected artists misha B, Lorna Jean-Charles, Akmaral Khassen, William Lindley, Habiba Nabisubi and Kes Young, were invited to run creative workshops with local residents of all ages as part of the Brixton Project’s innovative Community Research Exchange. The workshops set out to gather the disparate voices of Lambeth’s local residents to share personal and collective narratives through dynamic, creative means.
Informed by the stories and visual representations gathered in these community workshops, the artists’ designs make up an immersive installation of joyous expression, that captures the vibrant spirit of Lambeth’s local community.

We caught up with the artists to learn more about them, their process and the Off The Fence project.

Since its inception, The Brockwell Fence has been a polarising point of debate and discussion amongst the Lambeth community. What do you hope your artwork and this project can contribute to the discussion?

“I was inspired to get involved with the Off The Fence project because of its potential to catalyse meaningful dialogue and foster connection within the community. I saw an opportunity for art to transcend the physical barrier and bring people together in conversation. My hope is that through my artwork and this project, we can shift the narrative surrounding division to one of unity, understanding, progression and celebration.”


How did working at the CRX inform your process? Were there any unexpected or interesting outcomes of working in the community?

“Working at the CRX was invaluable to my process. It provided me with firsthand insights into the diverse perspectives and lived experiences within the community. The interactions and conversations I had at CRX allowed me to further my understanding of the issues at play and informed the direction of my artwork. One unexpected outcome was the sense of solidarity and collaboration that emerged from working alongside community members. It reinforced the idea that art has the power to bridge divides and create common ground.”

m i S h a

m i S h a, widely known by her stage name Misha B, is a multifaceted singer, songwriter and abstract artist hailing from Manchester, England. While she initially gained recognition as a captivating singer and songwriter, Misha has since expanded her creative horizons to include the world of abstract art.

Misha uses her platform to spark meaningful conversations about social justice and systemic inequality. Finding solace in the world of art, Misha discovered a new avenue for self-expression, channelling her deepest thoughts and emotions into her abstract creations.

One woman, many layers she is.