On These Streets

In April 1981, the streets of Brixton became the heart of an Uprising. 40 years later, these streets have much to tell us, with voices that still need to be heard. ON THESE STREETS is a free, interactive audio experience by non zero one through the streets of Brixton that invites you to witness, interact, and respond to the voices, stories, and legacy of the Uprising.

Writer Somalia NonyƩ Seaton and sound artist XANA weave fiction with verbatim testimony, all set within an immersive audio world of sound clash culture with the dutch pot pressure of dub music boiling over into the streets.

As Brixton changes, the forces behind the 1981 Uprising grow louder for a legacy that must be heard.

The ON THESE STREETS event will be happening on the streets of Brixton from Friday 27th August till Thursday 30th September. This free event will take place from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

For more information visit Brixton House
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