No matter who we are, where we live or where we come from, most of us work hard to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Today though, things feel tougher than ever. Inequality is growing, society is polarised, and the government just serves up more of the same while big business runs off with all the money.
It’s clear things gave to change. Yet we are constantly being told the direction of process is known, that there is no alternative.

We disagree. The world us full of different paths and new possibilities.

Spaces of Hope: There Are Many Alternatives is for everyone who has ever thought there must be a better way. It brings together disparate voices that cross cultures and divides. People with lived experience of doing things different. new perspectives and imaginative responses. Above all, practical strategies for the positive change we all want to see in society.

On 26th April, Ella Jones and Rob Hopkins delivered thought provoking and insightful talks at International House.

Ella Jones - Cuba: Against All Odds

Rob Hopkins - From What Is To What If?

There Are Many Alternatives will continue with Space Invaders on the 7th June.

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