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A Tale of Two Empires – The Battle of Algiers in Brixton

Abiba Coulibaly

22 March 2023

9 minute read

In one of the oldest pictures I have of myself, I am a few months old, held up by the hands of my father in...

How the latest Black Panther film exhibits, and gives space to diasporic mourning.

11 January 2023

11 minute read

The choice to replace the late Chadwick Boseman in Ryan Coogler’s latest addition to the Black Panther film canon may have seemed like an obvious...

#Disabled Black Girls are Magic: a Black Feminist Disability Reading of Djibril Diop Mambéty The Girl Who Sold the Sun

11 January 2023

5 minute read

Djibril Diop Mambéty’s 1999 film, The Girl Who Sold the Sun opens with the violent assault of a mad Black woman.  The image of this...

“Man is nothing.” 

6 December 2022

5 minute read

“Man is nothing.”  – Chouchou  The Bloodettes is said to be Africa’s first lesbian (debateable) vampire sci-fi horror film. If that sounds like a wild...


3 December 2022

5 minute read

“I regard myself as a social filmmaker, not a political filmmaker… But every social film, at its base, comes into contact with political issues. Because...

Navigating The Black Waters

1 December 2022

2 minute read

In life, it seems that the easy option is rarely the right one. We are constantly faced with difficult choices, but overcoming these difficulties ultimately...

Interview with Olly Fathers

28 November 2022

9 minute read

Olly Fathers is a local artist who’s been plugging away behind the scenes for years as a technician installing other people’s shows. He’s recently taken...

Nanny Makes Us See the Unseen In Caretaking.

28 November 2022

6 minute read

As a child growing up in New York city, my grandpa would often pick me up from school and if we had time we would...

The Lasting Legacy of Skins

27 November 2022

7 minute read

2007 was a simpler time. YouTube was only two years old, the first iPhone had just been introduced, Britney Spears shaved her head, Obama was...