“It’s raining coaches, Hallelujah”

Why it’s never been a better time for coaching.

When I did my coach training 5 years ago, there was a cliché and fussy stigma surrounding coaching as people questioned what it was and who it was for. It was seen as an elitist thing, reserved for execs, the privileged and the corporate world alongside their flipcharts and jargon.

I had to present and pitch my vision for what I wanted to be as a coach. I was really passionate about making coaching accessible to people like me, the rebellious souls who had a creative non-conventional outlook on life (not just climbing up the career ladder in a corporate bank).

I fell in love with coaching because it’s an art. It’s a journey, a feeling, a thought-provoking creative process that stimulates imagination. Coaching encourages individual thoughts, emotions, beliefs & ideas. It is an invitation to self & creative expression that inspires you. It evokes, pleasure, joy, and fun.

Sometimes uncomfortable, challenging, eye opening, and it makes you think outside the box, triggers things, it might not make sense immediately and is completely personal to you.

I make the coaching journey more accessible and relatable by linking it to the exciting, emotive, anything-can-happen feeling of being on an incredible night out. Developing a coaching method which is also rooted in a familiar, emotional experience with the intention of reaching that euphoric harmonious feeling – the ultimate goal in coaching.

Rewind…2020… We’ve had our lives turned upside down and round & round and spent more time on our own. We’ve had time to look inward and examine our lives with completely different eyes and yes, it’s been overwhelming, difficult, confusing but it’s also been exciting. Most importantly, though, it’s been a great opportunity to tap into your creative self and realise your biggest asset is you and your creativity. At the same time, it’s also invited realisations such as “I have the ideas, how do I move forward”, “I have doubt, I need confidence”, “I need accountability but don’t have the support to do this”, “I’m uncertain how to make the changes”.

Hello coach! The role of the coach is to help and support you to become a masterpiece, bringing more direction, inspiration, success, confidence & optimism…dancing you forwards, jumpstarting you into action and harmonizing your life. Free to move to the beat of your own drum and empowered to make a glowing success of your project, business, or career.

Fast forward… 2021 As we begin to emerge from the past year, there is both an optimism and appetite for translating these new attitudes into action. Coaching has never been more accessible and especially now more essential as people are ready to take control of their lives and access experts to help deliver on their potential.

I’m pleased to say I’m still as passionate as I was 5 years ago and my vision ‘Discoaching’ turned into my reality and I’ve been helping creatives, soulful entrepreneurs & rebellious souls to achieve theirs.

If you need help creating your masterpiece, why not arouse that curiosity and engage in the journey and the art of coaching.

Suzanne is the Founder of Discoaching, created from 26 years’ of experience in Creative & Music industry, Language & Communication and Personal Development & Coaching.

Her D.I.S.C.O. method (which stands for Direction, Inspiration, Success, Confidence & Optimism) takes you through 5 transformative stages of the coaching journey. Each step draws upon the exciting, euphoric, anything-can-happen feeling of being on an incredible night out.

By rooting the journey in powerful emotions that you can relate to, we can reveal the true limitlessness of your potential, and guide you back to your confident, empowered and unstoppable self.