Let’s Talk: Hyperlocal

As part of Make It In Brixton’s ‘Lets Talk’ Series  we were joined by Tim Gledstone  to talk all things hyperlocal.

Tim Gledstone is a Partner at award-winning architects Squire & Partners, based at The Department Store in Brixton. The practice has created workspaces for several emerging brands – including The Ministry for Ministry of Sound, purpose-led operator x+why and a new concept for Workspace – helping develop innovative approaches to working which are adaptive and engage all senses.

Closely tracking changes in workplace culture, Tim has led the design of new hyperlocal Brixton workspace The Department Store Studios – developed by Squire & Partners – which offers high quality flexible workspaces with a focus on wellbeing, sustainability and meaningful connections with the local community.
Tim talks us through the idea of hyperlocal living and working and The Studios development which will be opening soon.