We are co-commissioning with T.A.P.E Collective

We’re co-commissioning essays with T.A.P.E Collective on themes of Identity, Language, Belonging, Ownership and Common Threads particularly focused on film and culture. Pitch max. 200 words to hello@tapecollective.co.uk.

Pitching + Submission Guidelines
Please pitch your idea to us before sending your full piece.

Please send no more than 200 words as part of your pitch outlining what you want to write about, please include the tone and outcomes in this.

We would like to see ideas that offer an alternative and personal perspective on film/art/culture/ and spaces where culture is experienced.

Send any examples or links to your past written work.

We accept submissions from anywhere around the world.

We will get back to you about your pitch as soon as possible but please allow up to two weeks before following up.

If you are a less experienced writer we are happy to support and collaborate with you on getting your piece to where it needs to be.

If we accept your pitch we’ll give you a deadline and feedback on where we think the piece can go.

Feel free to send us your website, and social media channels so we can spread the word on your work.

We will promote your article on social media.

We will pay contributing writers promptly.

Please do not send us an invoice until after your article has been published.

Once your pitch has been accepted, we are expecting a turnaround of about 2-4 weeks so let us know if that works for you.

To get a better idea of what we’re looking for please have a look at our blog to see the sort of work we have commissioned before.

See the T.A.P.E Collective website and Good Wickedry to see previous pieces.